Hudson Valley General Practice Lawyers

The Finkelstein Law firm practices in the business of life. This goes beyond the unfortunate circumstances of personal injury and includes expertise in general legal practice. You are confronted with legal decisions and challenges throughout your life and our general practice attorneys can assist you on many situations, for better or for worse, throughout the days of your life.
  • Purchasing a home and properties are some of the largest investments you will make in your life. They are exciting, yet can be extremely complex resulting in long term benefits or consequences. Contact a real estate lawyer to assist in your transaction today.
  • Protect your legacy by properly setting up wills and trusts. The Finkelstein Law Firm attorneys will guide you through having affairs in order prior to the inevitable.
  • You will engage in lease agreement while pursing life’s necessities and aspirations. You may start as an apartment tenant and then evolve into an apartment landlord; setup a business that requires an office location or become party an opportunity that manages asset use through leases. Regardless of the situation, having strong lease agreements in place will help protect your interests.
  • Marriage is a complex partnership and the matters of family are equally as serious. Having family counsel will help you navigate through the ever evolving phases of relationships that are affected by internal and external forces.
  • Criminal law pertains to relationships between defendants and the State. The criminal defense lawyers at The The Finkelstein Law Firm handle criminal defense cases involving traffic infractions, misdemeanors, felonies, DWI, DWAI, possession of drugs or any other offense.
  • We work hard to provide for our families often at great risk to ourselves. Fortunately, we have a system that entitles us to benefits when we get hurt. Unfortunately, workers compensation can be a challenging system to navigate. Our best workers compensation attorneys can assist with obtaining the benefits you are entitled to.