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Hudson Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

New York motorcycle accidents often result in serious personal injury. Motorcyclists do incur a tremendous amount of risk when riding. Biases of insurance companies and the general public are stacked against you when an accident does occur. You are at risk of head injuries, neck and back injuries, and even death. Motorcycle personal injury is not necessarily covered under insurance when an accident occurs. However, in the event of a motorcycle accident, if you were acting safely and another party was at fault, you are entitled to fight for compensation for your personal injuries.

Motorcycle owners are also at risk from defective products, such as faulty kickstands, which can also lead to personal injuries such as fractures and scarring to name a couple.

When to Contact Finkelstein Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you were in a motorcycle accident in NY, you need the help of the experienced Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at the Finkelstein Law Firm. We are here to help you pursue payment for medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering in the event of any personal injury you may experience when safely operating your motorcycle. Contact The Finkelstein Law Firm at (845) 561-3465 to discuss your motorcycle accident case today.