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Hudson Valley Defective Product Lawyers

Companies that manufacture and sell defective equipment that causes personal injuries to consumers can be sued for damages. Defective products cause injury to thousands of people each year. Negligence claims can be brought against product manufacturers by those injured by these products. Defects can be found in the follow product areas:

  • Design - the design had a defect in it
  • Marketing - Inadequate or no warnings present about the danger that resulted in injury
  • Manufacturing - The product may or may not have been designed correctly, but there was a flaw in the manufacturing process
Motorized equipment often has defects due to the complexity of design. Equipment that commonly leads to injury includes:
  • Power tools
  • Lawnmowers
  • Power equipment and machinery
  • Snow blowers

When to Contact Finkelstein Defective Product Injury Lawyers

If you were personally injured when using a product and you believe it was defective, contact The Finkelstein Law Firm at (845) 561-3465 to discuss your potential case today.