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Hudson Valley Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog bites need to be investigated in New York as soon as possible by a lawyer. Dog bite injuries can be severe and traumatic, especially for children. Scarring can be particularly devastating and the law entitles victims to recover damages from a dog bite if it can be shown that the dog had “vicious propensities”.

When to Contact Finkelstein Dog Bite Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, contact us today at (845) 294-9003. The Goshen dog bite lawyers at Finkelstein Law Firm will investigate the incident and learn more about the dog’s history. We talk with neighbors and local law enforcement to determine if a claim can be made to recover from damages. There are ways the defense can attempt to turn a case against parents of children victims. However, dog owners are responsible for their dogs’ behaviors and our lawyers have the experience to navigate successfully through your dog bite case.