Hudson Valley Personal Injury Lawyers

With over 45 years of Personal Injury law experience, the lawyers at The Finkelstein Law Firm provide personal injury victims with the finest service, thorough knowledge and skillful negotiation to secure a settlement or verdict.

Personal Injury law is a serious area of practice. The public often takes everyday activities for granted without realizing what risk they are potentially in. Motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and other personal injuries such as dog bites demonstrate how everyday events can go tragically wrong and change lives forever. Personal injury attorneys help accident victims continue their lives as successfully as possible.

The personal injury attorneys at The Finkelstein Law Firm understand the significance of life altering events. We have pledged our professional lives to helping others fight for their rights when the unforeseen accident occurs. Our practice also provides general legal services for real estate, matrimonial, wills & trusts & workers comp where rights also need to be protected.

Our personal injury lawyers are located in Goshen and serve the Hudson Valley. Contact us today at 845-294-9003 to discuss your personal injury case today.

Settling Personal Injury Claims

Our goal is to achieve the highest settlement possible without the need to go to court. However, in the event we are forced to do so we have the resources and experience to obtain the highest probablility of a successful verdict on behalf of our clients. Our clients are entitled to just compensation efficiently so they may continue their lives. Head and brain injuries, neck and back injuries, fractures and scarring can impact quality of life forever and we are tasked with offsetting that pain and suffering with successful settlements and verdicts.

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Contact the personal injury attorneys at The Finkelstein Law Firm to discuss your personal injury case and general legal needs today at (845) 561-3465

The Finkelstein Law Firm - Put our experience and care to work for your personal injury case to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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